Night Glow Golf at Heritage Creek

Night Glow Golf at Heritage Creek

Welcome to your night golf destination.  Every 4 weeks beginning in June, HCGC is the host to its famous (or infamous) Night Golf Events.  These events are a must try to those who have never experienced Night Golf.

Every Heritage Creek night golf event begins with a two hour cookout & happy hour.  After filling up on great food, we will turn on the golf cart headlights and make our way to the course.  The course is set up with LED lights all throughout.  Red, white and blue lights in the fairway gives you aiming points, as well as distance.  Flashing red designates bunkers, water, bridges and other hazards to avoid.  Flags, holes and target landing areas are also lit up.

From tee to green and from hole to hole, the sight of a glowing golf ball in the night sky is something to behold.

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Dates for 2018:
Saturday, June 2nd
Friday, July 13th
Saturday, August 4th
Friday, August 31st
Saturday, October 6th

Gather your friends and enjoy a night out with Heritage Creek!